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The Basics on How to Purchase a Wig Online

First you will need to decide on what type of wig you will work best for you.  

Synthetic Wig Basics

Synthetic Wigs have come a long way, so if you are new to wigs, it is best to start out with a synthetic wig.  These are generally ready to wear right out of the box.  They are less expensive than other human hair, require less maintenance and look very natural especially if you purchase a monofilament or lace-front wig.  If you are not new to wigs, the price range of synthetics allows you to have more hairstyles or color options to compliment different outfits or seasons.

Human Hair Wig Basics

Human hair wigs come in a variety of different price ranges, and qualities.  Typically the price should be closely related to the amount of hair(length), and the quality or source of the hair.  Industry sources for human hair vary, but most human hair comes from Asian, Southern Pacific Islands or Europe.  Asian hair is often thicker, and wig manufacturers in this area mass produce wigs of average quality.  South East Asia and Indonesian sources have fine hair, that is considered high quality.  It requires less processing, and conforms to modern beauty standards.  European Human Hair wigs are considered the highest quality, the hair does not need to be processed with harsh chemicals.  Since European hair is substantially more expensive, the vendors who make these wigs typically make the highest quality wigs available.  Prices can range from $2000-$5000 , sometimes less online.

Monofilament Wigs 

Monofilament is a term that refers to the cap construction of both human hair & synthetic wigs.  Mono Wigs have a thin transparent mesh cap or top section.  The hair is hand tied to the mesh in a very delicate manor which allows it to swivel or part in different ways.  Since the monofilament portion of the cap is invisible, it creates a very natural look that currently cannot be matched by any other cap construction.  In addition to looking more realistic, mono wigs are lighter and breath better than standard caps.  This makes them comfortable and cooler in hot weather.  Originally, Mono wigs were made for people with alopecia or severe hair loss.  Now they are considered an industry standard in fashionable wigs.

Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs come in two varieties, a simple lace front and an extended monofilament lace front.  The lace front is similar to monofilament in that it allows you to create your own style and not worry about external factors like wind or weather.  Hair will move naturally, you can part it anyway you like, and you have off the face styling options.  An extended mono lace front wig has a full lace top which extends straight to the front of the wig, these are often hand tied, a bit pricier but give you full control over the wig.  It can be styled anyway you prefer.  Anytime a celebrity wears a wig, it is an extended monofilament lace front.  Check our celebrity gallery , you will be surprised how often celebrities use these wigs.

Which One to Choose?

If you are a beginner to wigs, purchase a synthetic wig from a reputable brand like Rene of Paris or Jon Renau.  There are many other brands only that provide high quality synthetic wigs, just make sure take very careful measures to select the correct color if you purchase online.  Online pictures can be deceiving, always look for a description of the color or call/email the company to verify the color you are considering will work.  If you are ready to take the step up to a human hair wig, consider the texture of the hair and your own standards.  European human hair will be the softest and highest quality.  It will also cost the most.  There are a few sources for these that are not too expensive, but European hair will always cost more than Asian or Pacific Islander.

Again, if you are suffering hair loss or recovering from hair loss do not use extensions or toppers.  These need to be blended with your own hair to look natural, and when you take the hairpiece off, it will naturally pull or cause some minor damage.  Although it wont be severe damage, it is not recommended to use if you don’t have full hair as any damage will be more noticeable.  Instead, try adjusting to a wig by wearing it at home, or with friends and family until you are comfortable wearing it every day.

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